Sinus Augmentation in Greenville, SC

Sinus Augmentation in Greenville, SC

The most common oral surgery procedures include wisdom teeth extractions, bone graft, sinus augmentation, or a ridge augmentation, etc. Sinus augmentation or sinus lift is a surgical procedure that increases the volume of bone in the upper jaw where molars are present. Bone is added to the maxillary sinuses, present on either side of the nose, and your jaw. The sinus membrane is lifted and pushed upwards to accommodate the bone. Sinus augmentation can use synthetic or naturally occuring bone.

When do you Need Sinus Augmentation?

You may require sinus augmentation in the following situations.

  • Replacement of missing teeth requires implants to be installed in the jawbone. When the volume of bone is not adequate for implant placement, a sinus lift is performed to add bone.
  • Your jawbone holds your facial structure together to give you a firm and youthful look. Missing teeth lead to resorption of the jawbone and sagging of facial muscles. A sinus lift is performed to add density to the jawbone and make them strong enough to anchor dental implants.
  • You might also lose bone structure due to periodontal diseases. In such a case, a sinus lift is performed for adding bone to the diseased area.

What is the Procedure of Sinus Augmentation?

Sinus augmentation or sinus lift is performed here in our office under sedation by Dr. Daniel Nickles.

We will use X-rays and a CT scan to assess the anatomy of your jaw and the maxillary sinuses. The height, density, and width of your natural bone are measured accurately for the best result. The health of your sinus is also evaluated before the procedure.

Dr. Daniel Nickles will make an incision in the gums to reach the bone structure and will cast a circular window in the bone.  He will then lift the membrane separating the sinus from the jaw and fill the underlying space with bone graft material. After adding bone to the jaw, he will secure the gum with stitches. Integration of the bone graft material and the natural bone takes approximately 6 months of time. Healing time is directly proportional to the amount of bone needed.

Sinus Augmentation: Aftercare

Postoperative care reduces unnecessary complications.  Follow the given instructions to handle pain, swelling, and infections.

  • Do not touch the surgical site with your tongue or fingers.
  • Do not suck on a straw for few days to avoid dislodging the clot.
  • Place ice packs to the sides of your face where swelling is visible.
  • The gauze pad or swab should be put on the surgical site for forty-five minutes to reduce and control bleeding. Change the swab at regular intervals.
  • Don't rinse your mouth vigorously to avoid dislodging the clot.
  • Avoid blowing your nose at all costs. Also, try not to sneeze or sneeze with your mouth open.
  • Take your medications as prescribed.  
  • Consuming alcohol and smoking interfere with the healing process and make it slow. Avoid their consumption to accelerate your healing.

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