Want to live a longer life?

Want to live a longer life?

Posted by Dr. Daniel Nickles on Nov 13 2019, 08:05 AM

Want to live a longer life?

Want to live a longer life?

We not only want to live longer, we want to live our best lives! Here are a few ways you can make your life longer, happier, and more enjoyable!  

Being healthy, staying fit and living longer all starts with Good Oral Health- it is the Gateway to your heart and body.

The truth is your mouth is connected to every other system in your body.

If you have poor oral health it can impact your heart, your lungs, cause dementia, the quality of your sleep & levels of toxicity in your body.

When you care for your mouth you live a longer, healthier, better life.

Quality of life steadily decreases as we approach the end of life. This is what we have to accept, especially as we watch parents and grandparents steadily decline in health.

So how do we live longer? Good oral health good teeth or a good set of dentures so we can chew our food and eat and stay healthy, Good diet eat vegetable, grains, fruits, stay away from fried foods and a lot of carbs. Shop on the outside of the grocery store stay out of the middle isles. Exercise by walking, stretching with yoga, their is even chair yoga- keeping our muscles active, meditating to remove stress from our lives, taking care of our bodies physically and emotionally can slow down the aging process. This is the foundation I use to approach health, and I encourage you to think of your own survival curve this way.

Dr. Daniel A. Nickles



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