5 Long-Term Effects of Avoiding Dental Care

5 Long-Term Effects of Avoiding Dental Care

Posted by Nickles on Aug 1 2018, 08:43 AM

5 Long-Term Effects of Avoiding Dental Care

Tooth Decay

Not giving your mouth proper care will attract harmful bacteria to your teeth and gums, which can cause massive damage. Studies show that bacteria can survive, overgrow, and become unbalanced in one’s mouth and can put the enamel in significant danger. Once the enamel is torn up, there is no other way to replace it. Too much tooth decay can cause a huge hole in a tooth that cannot be repaired by fillings alone, leaving the tooth vulnerable to cavities.

Gum Disease

Bacteria and plaque often gather around the gum line and can cause irritation to both a tooth’s root and the gums. Gum disease can also cause serious damage, including loose teeth, the appearance of elongated teeth, and bleeding gums.

Oral Cancer & Teeth Staining

There are various risk factors that can cause oral cancer such as smoking, alcohol, and exposure to UV light. Research indicates that there are approximately 50,000 Americans who are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. Consider scheduling for a regular screening of oral cancer to avoid the risk factors involved and the impacts of poor dental care. Visiting a dentist on a regular basis helps to keep your teeth clean consistently. Our teeth are naturally porous, which makes them susceptible to having stains over time, a common phenomenon for people who are fond of drinking red wine, coffee or tea.

Painful Toothaches and Tooth Loss

Over a long period, the untreated teeth will progress into becoming painful. Once the pain becomes persistent it will become evident enough that you will need a more invasive treatment, such as root canal or tooth extraction. The infections of the gum consequently lead to inflammation, which can result in separation of the tooth, causing the teeth to become very loose to the point of falling off if not treated.

Risk of Developing Other Diseases

The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth creates an impending problem and once the bacterium is released into the mouth, there is a possibility of causing systemic infections. People who have gum problems are more than likely to develop cardiac problems such as heart attacks. Also, there are increased possibilities of getting respiratory problems, dementia, erectile dysfunction, and diabetes complications.

What to Do Next

Your smile is very significant to both you and the people who surround you. Most importantly, your teeth aid you in speaking and chewing. Schedule your consultation today 864.244.3211.

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